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❤️🕊January Loveletter 🕊❤️

Dear beautiful you..

Happy 2024 …..yahoooooo it’s here ….a new chapter to begin again….there’s an energy that comes with a brand new year - it’s like a blank page - where we feel clear and committed to life! I like it - I don’t have  to make big decisions or huge proclamations - this year I wanted to focus on one word!!  Simplicity …I’ve  just arrived back from a month away in Egypt with my baby. I feel so deeply grateful for this time to be in awe of life. The sacred land of Egypt looked after us so well, and to be really present with Ines in every moment, bought such joy to me - a special bonding occurred there between us and I realise how we are so busy here that we are never fully present except for when I’m on my mat or meditating. We need to make the space to be fully present for life .I also got to take some time out after a really difficult year of losing my father. I woke at 5 am every morning to sit in darkness and see the day begin to feel part of creation to not feel separate from any of it, to feel my dad in it all,  and to realise this preciousness of life , my word, this year is simplicity, I realise the less I have the happier and more content I am. Good company, good food, the things that light my soul up – yoga, dancing, music, poetry, essential, oils, self-care, rituals, meditation, candles, incense and a deep connection to nature.Yesterday  I sat with my diary and put to bed 2023. It’s not about the accomplishments it’s about the challenges, the difficulties, the highs, lows, all of it. All of it brings us to where we are now. Even though we are in the dead of winter still, and the real New Year begins in spring, it is still a time for us to start a new and to really delve deep into what is it that makes us feel fully alive and brings us joy.

The end of a year can be an important moment to hit the pause button and take time to reflect and appreciate all the good stuff, the joy and some silver linings, no matter what kind of year we may have had, or the world has had.

How can we do this moment?

Because how we do it matters.

Can we be gentle?

Can we take care of our hearts, minds, and bodies?

Can we be generous to ourselves and extend that out to others?

Can we take space if we need?

Or ask to be included or helped if we need?

What do you need in a moment to tend to and care for yourself. 

You still have time to book in for my beautiful intention setting workshop next Saturday 13th of January. This is a three hour journey into really putting to bed 2023 and starting 2024 with mindful intention. What is your sacred vision for 2024? What is your deepest calling of your soul? What will be your inspired action ? Weave your special  gift into this new year.  You can book below ..It will be magical.We are still in the midst of winter. If we follow nature, it is resting deeply. The animals are hibernating and this really is what we should be doing too, but our modern lives don’t really allow us to do this.  If you can rest a little - rest is not a nothingness, it’s a powerful and beautiful way to come home, to resent, to bring heart and mind back together, to listen, to feel, and to know.

If you'd like to start the year well and dedicate some time to your well-being - a consistent yoga practice is ideal to really feel the benefits building but even if you can only make it occasionally or sporadically - you will appreciate it! Especially when life is full on, so much is spinning out of our control... just to do something positive and dedicated to your well being is so important - to reset your compass, get you back on track and move positively in the right direction. Bring in a sangha is also important to your practice - being with others - where we all connect to the vibration of yoga together.


We get so distracted and lose our bearings easily with modern life - so just to remind ourselves to come back to what's important, come back to our centre and just remember to connect to who you are and experience your essence... it is such a gift and yoga practice will make such a difference in your life!You have 3 classes a week to choose from and classes start back this Sunday, the 7th of January at 10 am.  It’s a lovely energising class to start your Sunday off the right way.  My Monday night classes are back at 6:30 pm to 8 pm long 90 minutes  Slow practice with pranayama (breathing) long relaxation and beautiful techniques to meditate well. It’s such a juicy lovely class to start your week please do come along.


I offer my donation online class on a Wednesday at 6:30 pm.  This gives everybody an opportunity to practice from home without thinking about finances. this is my seva , I want everybody to come to a yoga class once a week even if they can’t pay. Please spread the word.Im also offering a free class to anybody that hasn’t been to any of my classes - please do spread the word. Winter is a quiet time for me as people don’t like to leave the homes, but I promise you that yoga makes everything better. 

I also wanted to let you know that I have completed a sacred oil training and have bought back the most exquisite oils from Egypt, which I blend and use in all of my treatments.  January is definitely the time to take care of yourself.  Gifting yourself a treatment is a way of recharging, healing and loving your body. 

Testimonial from one of my clients  Nina gave the best massage of my life. It was a complete journey of love - essential oils, candles, sublime music, sound healing and a complete feeling of being filled with love.  I can’t live without them.


May 2024 be bright and radiant for all of us… I wish you a year of deep love.  

I leave you with a poem that touched my heart.


JOY  Joy does not arrive with a fanfare, on a red carpet strewn with the flowers of a perfect life. Joy sneaks in, as you pour a cup of coffee,watching the sun hit your favourite tree, just right. And you usher joy away,because you are not ready for it. Your house is not as it must be,for such a distinguished guest. But joy cares nothing for your messy home, or your bank-balance,or your waistline, you see. Joy is supposed to slither through the cracks of your imperfect life,that’s how joy works. You cannot invite her, you can only be ready when she appears. And hug her with meaning, because in this very moment,  joy chose you.  Donna Ashworth

So thankful for your presence here.

And Happy New Year. Always here for you.

Get in Touch In touch - I’d love to hear from you .

Nina x

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