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Early to the new nightclubbing!

Nothing leaves you ready to tackle the world like a good nights sleep. Its no secret that sleep matters. Too little sleep can increase the risks of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, exhaustion, irritability, anxiety, a depressed moon, frustration and anger.

One of the best parts of getting older is that the social pressure to stay up late disappears, if you want to stay at home on a sSaturday night and stroke your cat while drinking hot chocolate in bed by 7 pm, you are allowed to do that without fear of being deemed uncool. I feel it is such a gift to get to a place in ones life where one can admit to oneself and to others that one is perfectly happy to be at home and be in bed by 9 pm. In Winter especially, I love nothing better then to have a bath and get into bed with my daughter and a good book. Even Anna Winter, the editor of Vogue is in bed by 10 pm every night!!

Going to bed early used to be boring, but now its a status symbol in a society fixated on wellness and productivity on being on top form. The body can only heal when it is in a rest and digest of our central nervous system. Modern day life is so stimulated that the new research is that we need to rest as much as possible in our down time.

In the winter months I sleep for 11 hours a night, I may wake at 4 am and meditate for an hour before going back to bed and snuggling with my daughter - yes sleeping is my new times change x


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I just love it. I finish my days so tired that the only thing that I think it is go to bed, relax,and rest. Some days I am going at 9:00 and other days I have to go at 8:30. But sleep well give me the new strength for face the next day.

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