Retreat in south Devon
October 2021

Yoga, wild swims and sauna.


The purpose of a retreat is to allow you to deepen their practice without the distractions of life. To retreat into yourself is to let go of the busyness of life and to let go of stresses of the modern world and to simply be with yourself – turning in, restoring and recharging before heading back out into the world with a calm and peaceful outlook on life. 


You also have the tools to maintain that rejuvenated feeling back in the ‘real world’.

Spring Equinox Workshop -
29 March

Welcome the sun back into your life. Its time to recharge and renew. Breathing, yoga, mediation, journelling

Spring Equinox Retreat -
20 - 23 March

A revitalising retreat of nurturing  held in the beautiful land of Glastonbury

Summer Solstice Workshop-
20 June

A stunning workshop to welcome in the Summer and ritual of the abundance of this Season.

Restore your body and rest your soul

Honouring  the journey of self love and vitality through yoga, wellbeing and holisitic beauty. 


My ethos is to nurture your soul and soothe your spirit - creating wholeness and balance in your life.


Torquay, UK  |  078 472 44810

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