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Nurture by Nina provides chair yoga in care homes and seeks to help those living with dementia, their families and carers access simple and joyous yoga-based practices.

These practices seek to help you improve cognitive processes and well-being. They also help to improve physical fitness, deal with anger, develop meaningful relationships and help you enjoy life. As well as helping those living with dementia these yoga-based practices are also great for carers and family members.


I aim to help serve this community by providing up to date information and resources about the benefits of yoga for dementia We believe that the best way of integrating a yoga program into private homes and residential care environments is to have yoga available on a weekly basis. Please get in touch for a free taster session. I also offer clients hand and arm massages, foot massages for those that are bed bound. Choice Care home recommends weekly yoga.


“Our clients love their time with Nina. She is warm, kind and friendly and the clients come alive for the time she is with them".

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