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Breathe, love, laugh, be kind + be grateful

Blessings on this cold crisp day of February.

How are we doing? Really, honestly, truthfully?? Do you take the time to check in with yourself in the mornings and evenings with a sense of curiosity and kindness? We are all feeling things differently, we are unique, have different views, different realities but we are all breathing the same breath - with yoga there is this feeling at the end of the practice where we feel at one with everything - we call it samadhi.

I have got closer to my practice then ever before, I am studying with teachers I really admire, And I believe it is this that has kept me grounded and steadfast - there have been a couple of wobbles on the way - but I feel so grateful for yoga - to receive and share the teachings. I’ve got into the flow of zoom, I even held my first women’s circle in January with 12 incredible women where we had permission to really rest and dream the year ahead. Im feeling blessed - my life has become much more calm - slower - simpler - meaningful.


Snow drops, daffodils and crocuses are emerging and I have been spending lots of time in nature with our little rescue dog. I love to notice the changing of the seasons and being in nature always makes me feel good - alive, humbled, grateful. I recommend it whole heartedly. The connection we have to nature is inherent - we can’t live without each other. We also have Valentines and for me it’s recognising to love ourselves fully as we are. Taking care of ourselves.

Next weeks classes are all about self love. My new ritual everyday is thinking of 3 things I can be grateful for but also 3 things that I can nourish myself with each day - these can be super simple. How we take care of ourselves is so important as my time teacher says - Practising the three jewels of 'eat well, exercise well, rest well' can be enormously beneficial. As can taking Vitamin D, hugging trees, wearing masks, connecting with friends...


I am holding my next Dive Deeper workshop on Sunday 28 February at 10 am to 12 pm entitled Blossom and Bloom.

Expect a little more energy, Planting seeds of intention, breath work, journaling, movement, relaxation, poetry, flowers and Hope.

I’d love to be with you welcoming in the fertile Spring energy. £20 - get in touch to book your space.


Im teaching 5 classes a week

Hatha, yin, flow and subtle yoga which is wonderful for less flexible bodies. It’s always so wonderful to practice with you. Please get in touch if you want to practice and are in financial hardship.

I leave you with a little inspiration from one on my favourite teachers. This is an excellent 45-minute talk by Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield: ‘Wonder, Mystery, Awe, Gratitude’.

Life is slowly stirring beneath the surface and new beginnings are growing in our hearts​ I wish you so much love always here for you... Nina x

P.S. From my favourite book of the moment - fantastic for adults snd children alike - The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse: “‘What is the bravest thing you’ve ever said?’ asked the boy. ‘Help.’ said the horse.”

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