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❤️🌸🕊June Loveletter 🕊🌸❤️

Dear yogis

Thank you for your patience as I get my June loveletter out to you. The weather has turned into a slightly Summer vibe and it feels so good for us all to feel the golden glow of the Sun and the radiance of the light on our skin. I hope your travelling well in your life dear ones .

It was Ines’s 11 th birthday last Sunday and we decided to go on our first  family holiday together - 3 generations all together - mama, me and Ines to a really simple and sweet family run hotel in a quiet spot in Turkey. It was the first time In 11 years that we have been together overseas.Since my father died I realise that life is so precious and so fleeting that making moments and creating memories are so important to me. I feel my heart is so much more tender these days, I cry more, I'm touched by life more. It was a beautiful experience that I'm so grateful for.i'm now back, grounding, being back at home - washing, cleaning, cooking - Ines has tonsillitis so being a mama - taking care and I read this quote this week which really touched me.

You have got to start romanticizing your life. You gotta start believing that your morning commute is cute and fun, that every cup of coffee is the best you’ve ever had, and that even the smallest and most mundane things are exciting and new. You have to because that’s when you start truly living. That’s what you look forward to every day. Can we enjoy our lives exactly as they are, in the mundane the ordinary, in  the difficulties, in the highs, the lows - when we practice yoga, it allows us to clear our mind, become more present with what is and treat ourselves in a loving and compassionate way.Hopefully practice is less about physical achievements – the prize of poses – and more about openness of mind and friendliness of heart: towards ourselves and to others. I feel so blessed to be sharing yoga in my life - I truly believe I have found my purpose .  I am back teaching from Monday 10 th June - I have a new class starting in Tessier Gardens on Thursday 13 th June - all details of my classes are below.  


There's  two classes to choose from on Monday, one is a beautiful outdoor class on the beach to welcome in the day and in the evening we celebrate Yoga with a juicy 90 minute class which allows us to move slowly and have a long relaxation, sit in  meditation and receive gentle sound healing - it's a yummy start to the week.


On Wednesday I offer my donation restorative class via zoom, it's a wonderful way to greet the middle of the week.  No need to get to class - practice in the comfort of your own home and be guided through a gentle, nurturing loving soothing practiceTHURSDAYSFrom Thursday, the 13th of June I will be sharing a new class at the award-winning Gardens of Tessie Gardens, if you haven't been there, it's the most beautiful tranquil setting full of the abundance of flowers and wildlife.All my classes are themed with poetry, prose and contemplation - my ethos is to soothe your soul and nurture your mind.


As you know I adore the turning of the wheel and on Thursday  20 th of June it is summer solstice. My favourite day of the year and  to celebrate this  On Friday 21 st June I will be waking in the dark and waiting patiently for the sun to rise on the longest day of the year.

Come  join me for a beautiful Solstice inspired practice to welcome in this auspicious day.Starting your day with Sunrise is the most beautiful miricle of life. 4.30 am - 6.30 am - £20 / £15 students and OAP.  (sunrise is 5.02).

Book your space on my website.

Summer Solstice means there is an absolute abundance of that rich fire energy available for you & me to soak up as well. We can use that energy to inspire up, to uplift us, to energize us. To light our fires.Yogi bhajan said...The Summer Solstice is one day when the sun is at its ecstasy and the power of prana is the maximum so that you can be enriched with that vital primal force so that your destiny can be rewritten.

At the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, we are fully awake. Our spirits are alive, refreshed, renewed, energised; all that good, juicy, rich stuff we feel in the sun. On these long days of summer our spirits yearn to be out, to feel alive, to be moving, and celebrating. I will share the contemplations of summer solstice and all that it brings, we will sit and meditate and welcome the sunrise, we will practice  yoga, we will sit in ritual and hold a ceremony, and then I will share a beautiful breakfast and herbal tea with you. We will also if you feel swim and be together before the start of the day it is so worth getting up for I promise you as it's a very special day in the wheel of life.June is a beautiful month full of sounds, sights and feelings that cannot help but ignite the parasympathetic nervous system and soften the heart.

There isn’t yet the pressure or busyness of summer and in that way June has a gentle way about them. There  is great healing in this month.

Mostly this love letter  is to say Thank YOU, for showing up to your mats.  

May our paths continue to connect…

With love and good wishes❤️ For now, thank you thank you thank you.

X Nina

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