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Dear yogis Ive updated my loveletter with new date for my New Year workshop to 13 January so here it is again - sorry x the link to my website was wrong too - sorry!!!!! November is here, another month arrives. And just like that, the leaves changed, the temperature changed and the light changed. I feel heavy in my heart of what is going on in Israel and Palestine, so many innocent people caught in this awful situation. Its our first time collectively experiencing a war through our phones. You’ve got access to a war in your hand, in your bag, on your desk. Managing the influx of constant impressions requires your diligent attention. We can feel helpless with what is going on, but we can always come into a sense of peace within ourselves. This quote is helping me right now Through these practices of yoga, we come together to heal ourselves and the world. May we keep listening within our heart, amplify healing energy, support each other, be human, and simply find the connection with each other to provide support, guidance, love and compassion to each other - especially to the ones in crisis and in need right now.

At this point on the wheel of the year, the natural world is making its shift from the living world to the Underworld. The growing season is over, and nature moves into the season of Death.

So right now, as the final things are dying off & the last leaves fall, we're in this liminal space. We're floating between the realms of the living & the Dead.

The door between these worlds is wide open: so the energy of death can come in & clear away the things that need to die.

We also have a similar veil that exists within each of us. We have parts of ourselves that are very accessible, parts we show the outside world, things we think are true about ourselves. Then we have this hidden layer, our own underworld: the parts we don't show others, things we don't fully understand about ourselves, hidden reasons we hold ourselves back.

At this time of year, the veil between these parts of ourselves is also thin. You can more easily access your own inner shadows & darkness, and go treasure hunting for meaningful things to learn & discover about yourself. Profound wisdom that will help you uncover what is so ready to die away in your life.

Being willing to dive into these inner depths is a key component of the transformation occurring in your life in the coming weeks & months.

This can be an intense time of year. It doesn't always feel comfortable to turn your focus inward.

Looking at your own inner world, confronting your darkness & your shadows is hard inner work. Be as gentle as you possibly can with yourself right now. We're entering a season of important, deep self-care; try not to judge yourself for how much you need it!

My honouring the ancestors workshop next week is fully booked. It is time to honour those spirits whose very lives have touched our own, for they can teach us about life and death and remind us of what is important to our hearts and our souls.. It will be an intimate affair in a beautiful nest with a log burner and sheepskin rugs where we will take time to connect to the ones we have loved and lost.

My yoga classes are extremely quiet at the moment, it happens each year around this time as it gets cold and Christmas frenzy begins. The weather turns yucky and people don’t want to leave the house and that is why I am offering an online zoom donation class for you in the comfort of your own home - Mondays 6 pm. Please come and support me and fill yourself up with Yoga love. I also offer a beautiful 90 minute candlelit yoga journey which is slow and mindful and gentle - it’s on Wednesday evening starting at 6 pm. This has also been really quiet and I would love to see some old faces returning to the mats. I’m making the classes as inviting and cosy as I can with the aroma of essential oils, candlelight and of course a lovely, friendly community you have helped to create. Sunday mornings are a one hour Energising Gratitude flow at 10 am which is a wonderful way to start your Sunday. Im also offering my divine bespoke holistic treatments tailored especially for your needs. I will be taking some time off with Ines in December to go overseas and work for a dear friend . I’m not a big Christmas fan. I find it all too consuming and adrenal fuelled for me. I want peace, quiet, warmth, simplicity. I also wanted to let you know I’m holding my favourite workshop to begin the New Year with intention on Saturday 13 th of January. It’s a wonderful way to start the year with intention.

For decades, we have taken the time at New Year to reflect on where we are in our life’s journey and to refresh our purpose and intention for the year ahead. This process has gone on evolving and has produced excellent results in all areas of our lives. As we begin a New Year together, we will give our attention and focus to these important questions:

* Is your life on track? *

* Who are you and what really matters to you? *

* What do you need to acknowledge, celebrate, grieve and let go of from the past year? *

* What do you dream for the year ahead? *

The years fly by and other begins - so its a wonderful ritutal to reflect on the past year and plan the next one. It helps us uncover our patterns and design a great year for yourself. We will start with nourishing yoga and then use a carefully crafted booklet - the first half will help you review, learn from and celebrate the year you are leaving behind. The second half, on the otherhand is all about your future. You’ll be dreaming, planning, and preparing to ge the most out of the coming year. It only feels like yesterday when we were looking forward to 2023 it scares me how fast time flies by You can book directly on my website - there is a little bit of homework to do before the workshop so make sure you give yourself an hour to sit with your diary. Once booked an email will be sent out.

So I leave you with what has inspired me this month

LISTEN... Practice of placing attention at the heart. Tara’s recent meditation is giving me life right now.


This is a gorgeous article on being present with what we have right now. A beautiful reminder...

I came across this poem this week which touched my heart. I hope you enjoy it. Check out the website too - it’s stunning. You can also subscribe to a daily inspirational email. as-life/

I’m always here for you and - it’s always lovely to hear from you. Here’s to a wonderful November…last class is on 29 November - I’ll be back for 7 th January class!!! I am sending you so much love and many, many blessings on your path inward. Wishing you a Samhain filled with magic and meaning. xoxo Get in touch let me know how are you x

Love always

Nina x

Breathe, love, laugh, be kind + be grateful

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