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One Simple Thing - Eddie Stern

This book has blown my mind. Eddie is a New York Ashtangi, and a wonderful author. His new book One Simple Thing is so beautifully written.

The paragraph that has really caught my attention is

Why is it that a person with back pain, another with hypertension, another with poor digestion, others searching for meaning in their lives, could all walk into the same yoga class, do the same basic thing, and walk out not only feeling better but feeling like what was troubling them, or the condition that they had, was improving? How, by doing one simple thing, one generalised yoga practice were people able to reduce stress, ease body pains, improve cardiovascular function, reduce diabities, feel happier, get angry less often, and improve their sleep and digestion"

Somehow given the opportunity the body knew how to correct imbalances. And even more interesting it was apparent that the yoga poses didn't have to be done well or right for these positive effects to happen. Stiff or flexible, thin or heavy, yoga seems to work and it works because it calms down our central nervous system. The key to this is conscious breathing long, slow deep.


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