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❤️🌸🕊August Loveletter 🕊🌸❤️

Dear yogis

Happy August my loves

Yesterday we arrived at the middle of summer. How are you feeling?

These mid-points of the season, cross-quarter days, are really great moments to pause & check in with yourself.

How's your BODY feeling?

Are you getting enough rest??

Yesterday was Lammas, a traditional time to celebrate the first grain harvest & the beginning of the harvest season. This is a very powerful time to examine what you’ve planted and what your growing in your own life right now.

How Can you continue to nurture this growth?

How can you move your dreams forward in the coming weeks?

Enjoy these last weeks of Summer my loves. Cherish all that it brings.

Yesterday I left Sundara festival, it’s a place I go to every year to connect to the people I truly love. I’ve been going for the last four years and it really feels like going home.

To walk barefoot on the land, be fed beautiful organic food, to experience incredible workshops and to share yoga makes me feel so nurtured and nourished. If there is one festival to go to…this is it…I turned my phone off this year and I can’t believe how much it was needed.

This year Ines performed in the children’s parade and theatre performance and she even sold raffle tickets and made £130 for the local food bank. (Proud mama!!) and not a single second on an iPad - hallelujah!!

It is a place where I fill my cup up to overflowing and take this back out into my everyday life.

I have been really grateful for 2 local yoga teachers Dee and Nicola for covering my classes whilst I am away - Thank you so very much.

I am currently writing this to you in my van at the Green gathering festival - an eco conscious Festival. This is my fifth festival of the season. I adore working as part of the crew as I feel there is a sense of purpose. We are fed incredible food, we sit around fires, our children run free, and I feel deeply content being in nature. All around me is inspiration to look after this planet we call home. I always return back to Torquay so I can teach my early morning Monday Beach yoga to you. This is the first time I have taken the summer to really do what nourishes me and fills my heart with love. One part of me feels guilty for not working so hard, but another part realises that the most important thing in life is to follow our hearts, life is fleeting as we know I want to enjoy every moment of the summer months before returning to a slower pace of life. I see Ines flourishing with confidence and joy at Festivals. It’s a really special Summer so far…rain and all!!!! I am yet to decide my autumn timetable, but I wanted to let you know about a couple of offerings I have coming up. I am offering a six week free yoga course for people suffering with anxiety and depression.

Please see the flyer below and share with those you feel are in need. Starts August 23 rd.

I’m also offering one of my beautiful autumn reset day retreats on the 7th of October from 10 am - 1 pm where you will be nourished with Yoga and an incredible one hour Sound Bath.

It is a mini-retreat to move us into Autumn. October is a wonderful month, partly because it's the start of Autumn after the Autumn Equinox . I love the transition from Summer to Autumn. Witnessing the changing of the leaves, feeling the temperature change, noticing the light change. Rather than resisting it and holding on to Summer, we learn to sit in it, notice it and celebrate. Transitions are not always easy but are an integral and necessary part of our growth process. I have been enjoying the potency of all the practices that come with a retreat. So I have created a little 3 hour reset retreat for us to move, breath, meditate, contemplate intention setting and relax into the healing vibration of sound bowls and finishing with a lite lunch.

Dive a little deeper into yourself and welcome the season of Autumn in with intention.

Book via website -

I leave you with this Anna Taylor recently wrote:

“Our practice is a place where we slowly and steadily cultivate our capacity to be steady, awake and aware to the nature of our lives, to open our hearts to ourselves and others. We practice lessening tendencies of judging and grasping for specific outcomes. We practice deepening our capacity for acceptance, patience, gratitude and compassion. None of these things are easy but in taking time to practice in a setting of safety, we carry these tools out with us into the unpredictable and sometimes stormy weather of our lives.”

May our paths continue to connect…

With love and good wishes

Nina xxx

Breathe, love, laugh, be kind + be grateful

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