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❤️🕊February Loveletter 🕊❤️

Dear beautiful you..

So here is February.

How was your January?… Did you make any intentions for the New Year? Mine was to move more slowly and I definitely did that. I didn’t take on any new work and I spent time at home cooking, studying, connecting to nature and resting. It felt so good as I have a tendency to fill my diary up and busy myself - I realise as I moved into my 50th year that I need to move more mindfully and slowly. Taking time to do things that nourish my soul.

We have now moved into Imbolc the very beginning of spring. The Sun is showing its face to us and it feels so beautiful to feel that golden glow again - don’t you agree.

I’m writing this at the airport ready to fly off on an Egyptian adventure with my best friend. We are going to seek temple goodness and to rejuvenate to celebrate moving into our croneship. Egypt is one of my favourite places on earth - I’ve always been obsessed since a small child with all things Egypt. There will be no Monday evening class on February 13 th but my Sunday morning class at the Aztec will be covered by Dee. I will be holding a blossom into spring yoga workshop on the 1st of April. It’s so good to dive a little deeper into the seasons and follow natures calling. All details of the workshop are below and can be booked directly on my website. So this month love letter is short and sweet. I will see you on my return and I look forward to seeing you on the mat.

I leave you with a poem that touches my heart

One Love

By Jana Dvorska, from The Poetry of Yoga, Volume 1, Page 132

Come into the light Hold each other’s hearts

Keep a tranquil mind

Full of hope and serenity

Believe anything is possible

Imagine yourself where you want to be

It will become reality

Limitless imagination will change the world

Set your intention and accomplish

Believe it and you will live it

Come together

Unite as one love

The universe is infinite unity

Universal is love

Be love

Feel love within your entire being

Let it radiate out into the world

Touch everyone you meet with your light and love

Blessings Nina x

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