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❤️🕊January Loveletter 🕊❤️

Dear beautiful you.. Happy 2023…..yahoooooo it’s here ….a new chapter to begin again….there’s an energy that comes with a brand new year - it’s like a blank page - where we feel clear and committed to life! I like it - I don’t have to make big decisions or huge proclamations - this year I wanted to focus on one word!! It changed from joy, positivity, vitality, radiance to ease! Yes Also a balance of self care and taking care of each other. I have been lucky to have time with family and friends over Christmas and The New Year and I feel very blessed to have some time away to realise how much friendship means to me - bringing in fresh energy and a sense of feeling so grateful for the beautiful friends that I have that I don’t get to see often. It always makes me feel loved being with them. Friendship means so very much to me. I come home so deeply touched by this. Ive started with a dry January and trying to eat more plant based foods, cutting down on sugars, drinking more water - small simple tangible steps to feel good!! It’s working so far…I feel our health is our biggest wealth. I want to feel vibrant in my body, mind and spirit. It’s about keeping things manageable and enjoyable as statistics show by Feb 4 th most people give up!! In essence what brings you joy?? …follow more of that if you can …what does your heart desire, what matters most? Entering a new year is a wonderful opportunity to clarify our purpose and intention. This guided visualization by the incredible Tara Brach is an invitation to attune to the state of your heart and your deepest aspiration. I hope you enjoy! It’s a meditation that I use often. She has a wonderful way about her - I fully recommend finding a quiet spot for 10 minutes to listen. My classes start back on Thursday 5 th January and you have 3 classes a week to choose from - all bookable on my website - link is below. My Sunday class won’t start till Sunday 15 th as I’m holding my Intention setting workshop on Sunday 8 th January. All details below. It’s a wonderful workshop to put up bed 2022 and start 2023 with clarity, focus and intention.

If you'd like to start the year well and dedicate some time to your well-being - a consistent yoga practice is ideal to really feel the benefits building but even if you can only make it occasionally or sporadically - you will appreciate it! Especially when life is full on, so much is spinning out of our control... just to do something positive and dedicated to your well being is so important - to reset your compass, get you back on track and move positively in the right direction. Bring in a sangha is also important to your practice - being with others - where we all connect to the vibration of yoga together.

We get so distracted and lose our bearings easily with modern life - so just to remind ourselves to come back to what's important, come back to our centre and just remember to connect to who you are and experience your essence... it is such a gift and yoga practice will make such a difference in your life!

I’ve also got some exciting new holistic treatments Im formulating and I’m going to announce these shortly. Exciting exuberant times ahead!!!! January is definitely the time to take care of yourself. Gifting yourself a treatment is a way of recharging, healing and loving your body.

I hope I get to see you someplace soon. May 2023 be bright and radiant for all of us

My Daily Intention is May my practice cultivate a light within me, and may I step into joy in my body, mind and heart everyday. Remain open into the mystery of it all. We have no idea what life will bring But we can show up to it. Front row seats. And all it has to teach us.

I leave you with this beautiful poem.. Go into this week with the attitude that your peace, your health of mind, and your heart mean more than getting everything else done. That your smile matters, That feeling rested matters. That holding the hand of your loved ones matter. So pause lots, function at a pace that doesn’t pull you apart. Honour the things that make you feel good inside, the things that make you feel alive. Give time to those things this week. Make time the gift it is, by giving it to what really matters to you. With love Nina


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