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❤️🌸🕊July Loveletter 🕊🌸❤️

Dear yogis

July has arrived. For me my contemplation is  how much can happen in half a year. I like to look back on my diary not as to what I have accomplished, but to what I have felt through the year - the difficulties, the celebrations, the joys, the sadness...all of it.

I held the most exquisite sunrise yoga session for summer solstice - there was over 30 people came to witness the sunrise out of the ocean ant 4.30 am and to celebrate ourselves and all that we are .I received a beautiful reel that made me cry when I opened it so I wanted to share that with you in this love letter - it's below.   

I'll be holding another sunrise yoga session for the celebration of the wheel  of the year - Lammas - it is a celebration between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox to celebrate the fruits of our harvest.  Flyer below with details.

It really is worth getting up for and I always have such beautiful and heartwarming feedback from these early morning sessions where the world is still so quiet and we see a new day darling dawning.

It feels finally that summer is here and we can enjoy being outdoors and feeling the beautiful sunshine on our faces. I've had lovely friends come to stay with me and it makes me appreciate the beauty of where we live - we are so lucky.

It's my birthday this Thursday and I plan to spend the night with a beautiful friend camping on the beach with a fire - I crave simplicity and wilderness these days - the simpler the better!I'll be holding a Nurture by Nina stall with clothes, oils and jewellery at St Margaret's Summer Fayre in Barewell Road -  Saturday July 6 th July 11 - 3 pm. Come along it's such a sweet on day of fun. Great for the kids and grandkids.

I have decided to take all my classes outside for the summer. I love sharing early morning  Monday yoga at the beach and swimming afterwards. I'm also sharing Monday evening yoga now at Thatcher Rock Green where we can meditate looking over the beautiful Thatcher Rock, it's so dreamy and I'm offering a new class which I've moved to Wednesdays, from 10 July - it's in an award-winning garden in Saint Mary Church called Tessier Gardens and it is the most beautiful tranquil abundant space full of nature and flowers. There is so much love and care of the space there. I'd love you to join It- it's really special. My timetable is above.I am so grateful that yoga is in my life.The practice of Yoga always brings me back to myself, it grounds me, it makes me trust in the mystery of life  and allows me to be more present to welcome it in. I have popped in a link to listen to a Podcast by the late Michael Mosley on the benefits of Yoga - it's really worth a listen. 

July is one of my favourite months because I start to teach at festivals around the country.  I teach at an incredible festival in Gloucester called Sundara. This festival feels like home. There are outdoor saunas, showers workshops, yoga dance and you get fed three times a day by the most incredible vegetarian chef.  It is my most favourite week of the whole year and I can’t recommend it enough. It’s small, beautifully held and you can feel the love!!!  Link below for details.

This year Im also sharing holistic treatments  festivals - Boomtown and medicine Festival  which I’m really looking forward to. It’s the most beautiful festival.I have my treatment room here where I create bespoke treatments to nourish your mind and soothe your soul.  My new reflexology facial is to die for.​Festivals make me feel so nourished  - it makes me feel whole - conscious community, family friendly time in nature with likeminded beings. I’m already swooning at the month ahead. Please get in touch if you'd like any info about the festivals that I go to - some of them are looking for volunteers where you can get a cheap ticket and help out a little.I endeavour to slow down and enjoy the summer months with my family and friends. Breathing in radiance, aliveness and gratefulness.

This life is so precious, I want to live and breathe and be open to what life is showing me.

Thank you for always showing up to your mats. Yoga is an ancient methodology that is thousands of years old that is still here today. It works, it’s magical medicine and I am so grateful that it is in my life and yours too!The most valuable resources you have as a human being are those you can’t see: love, faith, trust, compassion, imagination, courage, creativity, endurance. Set the intention each day to honour and harness one of these qualities for that day—create meaning, live consciously, and pay attention. 

Big Summer love to you all

Please get in touch if you need anything at all


Nina xxx


Breathe, love, laugh, be kind + be grateful

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