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❤️🌸🕊June Loveletter 🕊🌸❤️

Dear yogis Thank you for your patience as I get my June loveletter out to you. The weather has turned into a Summer vibe and it feels so good for us all to feel the golden glow of the Sun and the radiance of the light. It was Ines’s 10 th birthday last Friday, so we celebrated it in style making our own organic skincare at Lush Exeter - which was great fun. I then went off to a beautiful local festival at Dartmoor to share, yoga and sound healing which was an Incredible experience. The DJ lineup was the best I’ve ever heard! - to dance, meet old friends and new brought so much joy to my heart and now I prepare my fathers funeral for next Tuesday. It will be a celebration of his incredible life. I have found such solice sourcing spiritual pieces that will make us contemplate death in a very different way to the norm. This weekend I also go to my dear friends wedding… So June so far has been a myriad of life experiences - so full of everything …celebration, sadness, love, loss…and it still keeps turning…and that is life to be alive in all of it. I read a quote this week - That is your higher purpose to be radiant for no other reason then being alive. I’m still teaching my outdoor classes which are detailed above. Buddhist teacher Joan Halifax has described practice as “radical intimacy with the world…a life grounded in kindness, wisdom and skilful means.” I really can’t imagine life without practice. Hopefully practice is less about physical achievements – the prize of poses – and more about openness of mind and friendliness of heart: towards ourselves and to others. (A restorative yin practice helps too). As you know I adore the turning of the wheel and on the 21st of June it is summer solstice. My favourite day of the year and to celebrate this On Wednesday 21 st June I will be waking in the dark and waiting patiently for the sun to rise on the longest day of the year. Come join me for a beautiful Solstice inspired practice to welcome in this auspicious day. Sunrise yoga

Starting your day with Sunrise is the most beautiful miricle of life. Meadfoot Beach. 4.30 am - 6 am - £12.00 plus booking fee. Book your space on my website. Summer Solstice means there is an absolute abundance of that rich fire energy available for you & me to soak up as well. We can use that energy to inspire up, to uplift us, to energize us. To light our fires. Yogi bhajan said...The Summer Solstice is one day when the sun is at its ecstasy and the power of prana is the maximum so that you can be enriched with that vital primal force so that your destiny can be rewritten. Follow the whispers of your heart, the whispers of your spirit. Wait no more! - Anand Mehrotra If you can’t make the morning - come join the evening practice at Torre Abbey Sands at 6.30 pm.

At the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, we are fully awake. Our spirits are alive, refreshed, renewed, energised; all that good, juicy, rich stuff we feel in the sun. On these long days of summer our spirits yearn to be out, to feel alive, to be moving, and celebrating.

Mostly this love letter is to say Thank YOU, for showing up to your mats. The great yogi phattabhi jois quote is Practice and all is coming…

May our paths continue to connect…

With love and good wishes For now, thank you thank you thank you. X Nina

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