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❤️🌸🕊May Loveletter 🕊🌸❤️

Dear yogis

May is here…and what a tender time it is for me. The month started with a beautiful trip to celebrate Beltane at Glastonbury. The Sun shone down, we danced around the May pole and laughed. I then came down with a bad bout of flu and a nasty gastric virus that made me realise the importance of a health and well-being, and how we take it for granted and then My father passed away suddenly on Friday. I had been feeling extremely melancholic, even before my fathers passing, thinking it was because I was turning 50 in July. I was feeling the sadness of the people I love getting older, the ones already gone that are no longer here. With the passing of my father, I realise that life is so very precious, every moment to be lived, making me aware of not rushing through life with a huge to do list to tick off. This morning I woke up to watch the sunrise and to swim in the ocean. As the light shone down I felt part of everything - there is such a tenderising of the heart.

The first thing I did when I heard the news was to go to my mat to study with a teacher that inspires me. I have good supportive friends around me and a loving mother.

It makes me realise to love the people around me even more, to be kinder, to laugh more, be here now! These moments break us and make us.

So I get back on my Mat tomorrow morning for free beach yoga. There are two more sessions that you can attend for free if you want to come along - get in touch to book. My evening beach sessions start from tomorrow - Monday and Wednesday at 6.30 pm next to Soak on Torre Abbey Sands. You can book all classes on my website. I wanted to include some inspiration for you, which is a lovely session with the Dalai Lama’s translator In finding the purpose of joy in every day life.

I do hope to see you on our welcome mats soon.

Sending you deep love from my tender tender heart. Here are a few lines from one of his poems… ...My joy is like spring, so warm it makes flowers bloom in all walks of life. My pain is like a river of tears, so full it fills the four oceans Nina x

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