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❤️🌸🕊May Loveletter 🕊🌸❤️

Breathe, love, laugh, be kind + be grateful

And just like that May appeared... Wednesday was the celebration of Beltane. Usually the weather is bright and sunny by this time of year, but oh my goodness, has the rain poured and poured and poured.

Beltane - one of my favourite celebrations of the year. I am usually dancing round the maypole in Glastonbury but this year alas no!!

Beltane is one of the Cross-Quarter festivals of the Celtic Calendar, celebrating the beginning of Summer.

All around us Nature is alive and flowering, reminding us that we are a part of nature and we are also feeling that expansion and growth.🌹

This is the month to focus on your projects and creative endeavours. If you are still feeling a bit unsure of how this year is going to unfold, ask yourself:

What projects am I nurturing this year?

What projects do I need to let go of?

What am I growing for my harvest?

What projects are beginning to bloom and flower?

When we bring our awareness to these questions we can start to see things more clearly.

What needs to be birthed?

Feel the warm sun on your face, the fresh smell of summer, and feel inspired by the natural world fully blooming around you. 🌍

It is a wonderful time to sit and feel into how you want the Summer months to be. I for one want to swim more, hike more, adventure to more unknown local places, grow and eat my own veggies, sit next to more fires, slow down, share more yoga and laugh more.

This is a great time to reconnect to nature, I feel so blessed to share what I love and I have so many offerings coming into fruition in the month of May


Monday’s are a wonderful day to start you week with yoga

We have early morning yoga at 7 am on the beach which is truly stunning way to start your day. There's nothing like practising yoga outside, especially early in the morning it's such a way to welcome in a new day.

INDOOR classes are Mondays at 6.30 pm - classes are 90 minutes so we can really take our time to turn in - we will practice Hatha, restorative, an emphasis on pranayama - breathing, long relaxation and more time to meditate. I want to offer a class where we can really take our time to slow down and connect to all aspects of the practice. This is a journey into yoga and I fully recommend this class.

I offer my rest pause and be zoom classes on Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm. It's a lovely class which is restorative to meet you in the middle of the week and for you to replenish and recharge yourself ready to move into the latter part of the week with calm, peace and serenity. It's donation based, so please spread the word.

Your first class Is FREE if you haven't been before, so, please let people know.

Donation based PARK yoga is on Sundays all through Summer - starts this Sunday . This is for 20 weeks through the summer. I will only be doing half of the sessions this year as I am teaching at festivals and selling my recycled Saari kimonos, Jewelley and beautiful Egyptian oils - yes beautifying the world is another passion of mine.

Im also holding a beautiful sunrise yoga morning at Oddicombe Beach on Saturday, the 18th of May at 6 am - 7.30 am. It's so beautiful to witness the sun rising. Have a fire and be offered beautiful tea and cake before having a dip in the ocean. You can park on the beach at this time in the morning, and it really is a beautiful way to welcome in Beltane with me. Expect beauty and connection. You can book on my website.

Im also thinking of starting a Thursday class at Tessier Gardens at 12.30-1.30 pm - it's a beautiful private garden full with the abundance of nature - it's so tranquil and peaceful. I'll need 5 people minimum so please let me know if it's of interest of you.

Ill also be holding a Summer Solstice workshop on Saturday 22nd June - I'm thinking outdoors somewhere special with grazing platters and sparkling homemade elderflower fizz - watch this space as I dream this in.

I'm also offering my bespoke holistic treatments - igniting all your senses and nourishing your mind and body.

April was super kind to me - I have to say I'm finding it difficult being back after spending two weeks teaching at the most incredible retreat in Thailand. I think it was probably the best two weeks of my life and I feel so grateful to have been given this opportunity to work with The Wonderment Team. When. I come back to the UK and it's cold and grey and wet it makes me feel slightly lifeless - sunshine warms my spirit so - , but after After years of different Yoga practices and study, I finally understood that these practices are here to lead me back home. My home is not somewhere to be found outside of myself. I am my own home. My body, mind, and heart are my dwellings. And the practices are here to help me build a comfortable, safe and fulfilling home for myself.

wherever we are, we have our practice to bring us home. I really feel that summer is around the corner and when the Sun shines again, we will be so deep in gratitude. It's coming ....

This is a beautiful quote to bring in the essence of May

"The world's favourite season

is the spring. All things seem

possible in May."

~Edwin Way Teale


Take care, stay healthy and hopefully see you in class

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch - I am here for you

Richest Beltane blessings to you, Nina. ❤

I hope the months ahead are full of vibrant, beautiful growth for you. I'm sending you so much love on this powerful spring day. xoxo

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