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❤️🌸🕊September Loveletter 🕊🌸❤️

Dear Beautiful Ones… September here you are!!!! And oh my what an August it has been. Since my papa passed I have realised that life is so very fleeting and I made a promise to myself to live my life to the fullest. Opportunities arose for me to be able to join many festivals this year and I knew this was what my heart, soul and being needed - to be in community on the land. A question I often ask myself is if this was the last days of my life - what would I do and I have done exactly what has nurtured my soul. 10 festivals later crewing at every one - I feel I have lived exactly how my heart has desired. It’s been truly blissful and I am so very grateful for all that has been and all that is yet to come.

As September arrives and we move closer to Autumn I always use the change of seasons as an opportunity to pause and reflect. It’s the perfect time to reflect on your life, your Self, and any growth & changes you’ve gone through over the year so far and dream in the Winter that will nourish you. This is the season of balance and a time to harvest all our outward energy of the Summer and prepare for the Winter ahead. I’m offering a beautiful Rest and Recharge October Autumn workshop at Marldon Village Hall in October 7 th 2023. Details on flyer above.

It is a mini-retreat to move us into Autumn. October is a wonderful month, partly because it's the start of Autumn after the Autumn Equinox . I love the transition from Summer to Autumn. Witnessing the changing of the leaves, feeling the temperature change, noticing the light change. Rather than resisting it and holding on to Summer, we learn to sit in it, notice it and celebrate. Transitions are not always easy but are an integral and necessary part of our growth process. I have been enjoying the potency of all the practices that come with a retreat. So I have created a little 2.5 hour reset retreat for us to move, breath, meditate, contemplate intention setting and relax into the healing vibration of a sound healing bath by Nicky Hand and finishing with a lite lunch.

Dive a little deeper into yourself and welcome the season of Autumn in with intention. A really yummy time to contemplate this time.

Park Yoga is on until 17 September and then we have been given the go-ahead to hold one extra session at the same location on the 24th of September to welcome in equinox. The fee will be £7 to be paid on the day - (only cash can be accepted on that day unfortunately). The following Sunday, the 1st of October will be the very last outdoor class at Torre Abbey. The wonderful people at Torre Abbey have allowed us to hold our yoga session in the gardens inside the abbey and will allow you to have free access to the Abbey after the class. This class will start at 10 am and will be a wonderful opportunity to explore the The Abbey, the Gardens , greenhouse and wonderful exhibition that they have on called remedies, reason and resilience - which is all to do about well-being. The price will be £7 for your yoga class and entrance will be paid directly to Nina. This this will be an amazing day of exploration and yoga.

We will then be taking the Sunday morning classes inside to Shekinah, 228 union Street from 8 October at 9.30 am. The Aztec Spa now charges clients to park their cars, and I feel I want my monies for the room hire to go to a charity that really does good work and helps people that are struggling with homelessness. There is free parking outside on a Sunday also. I will be teaching my early morning 7 am outdoor Beach yoga class at Meadfoot beach until the 2nd of October. The Sun will rise at 7:15 on this day, so we will be practising yoga as the Sun is rising. This is hands down my most favourite class. There’s nothing like starting the day with Yoga, and taking in the incredible Vista of the ocean. Bring your swimmers and breakfast to really soak in the incredible ambience of the Bay.

My very last Festival of the year is my most favourite ‘Wonderment’ over Autumn Equinox. The most beautifully held festival where you are fed incredible food and you are held in such a loving embrace. I cried leaving last year at how touched I was by it. Watch the reel below to get a feel of the amazingness of it. I have a 20% discount codes for friends and family.

They are also holding a retreat in Thailand in October where I have been asked to teach!!!! (I’m still pinching myself).. For details, please have a look on the link below. It is held in the most incredible sanctury on koh pan ghan.

I also am offering beautiful holistic Autumnal treatments with Ayurvedic oils and warming blankets. Each treatment ends with a chakra soundbath to soothe your soul. Autumn is a wonderful time to set some self care practices up for yourself. So my loves I look forward to seeing you all. I leave you with a beautiful piece of writing with one of my favourite teachers - Jack Kornfield.


His words are like a warm bath...


‘this life is precious and all of us play a part in shining it’s light…' SJ

Nina xx

Breathe, love, laugh, be kind + be grateful

Please Drop me a line to let me know what would support you going into the autumn winter months I want to be here for you….I encourage you to email me and let me know what offerings you would like. Sharing the practice of Yoga with you is an honour that I am deeply grateful for Ill send my new October timetable out soon…

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