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🍁🕊 November Loveletter 🕊🍁

Dear yogis

Apologies in the lateness of this loveletter to you. Early November has been busy (or should I say full!!)

November is here, another month arrives. And just like that, the leaves changed, the temperature changed and the light changed but It has still been one of the warmest starts to November on record!

I write this from sunny Swanage on a weekend away with Ines, Luna and old friends - it’s such a beautiful bright day and feeling so grateful.

October started with a really beautiful workshop to reset us for Autumn. It was so wonderful to get back to Marldon Village Hall and be with so many of you. Thank you so much for coming and sharing in the practice.

I also held a workshop on 1 November to honour loved ones that had passed. We practiced yoga and held a grief circle and ended with a crackling fire and hot chocolate. It was very emotional to remember those we have loved and no longer with us. I know how difficult it is for us to connect to our grief, let alone to even voice it but there is great healing just by being together and sitting in the circle without trying to fix or change anything. When we see one person grieve it gives us permission to feel ours.

Last weekend I assisted at a spiritual summit at Glastonbury Abbey which was incredible. I got to participate in many interesting workshops, share yoga and of course walk the Torre at sunrise. It was sublime!

So Winter has arrived and it can sometimes feel challenging to come to class in the winter months but it’s important to stay consistent with our practice so we have the strength and energy to live life to the full and enjoy all the lovely things to come over the season. I’m making the classes as inviting and cosy as I can with the aroma of essentials oils, candlelight and of course a lovely, friendly community you have helped to create.

We are now back at the Aztec on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am and you are welcome to have a spa session after for half price £5.00. It’s great for the body to have a lovely warm sauna in the winter months. I’ve kept the classes super affordable at £6.00. My 90 minute Monday class is a whole journey of yoga where you really embody all aspects of yoga. Starting the week like this really does make a difference to the rest of the week.

I am offering two classes online as it gets harder to get to clas. One is early on Monday morning at 7 am so you can start your week energised and focussed. The other is on a Thursday evening at 7.30 pm where we are more restorative and pause, rest and be. Both classes are only £5 and can be sent out to you for you to use for a week so you could use it every day if you feel.

In November, as the season changes and we move inwards, we should focus on the benefits of meditation, which reach far and wide. A recent visit to a doctor by a friend experiencing digestive issues, ended with the doctor suggesting that his symptoms were likely caused by stress, and that he should start meditating, or find another tool that helps to quiet the mind.

Meditation has proven to increase overall vitality by building healthy brain chemistry, an improved mood, reducing stress, and increasing focus and self-awareness. All this happens in a considerably short amount of time.

Meditation isn’t always easy and it does require consistency, but once you add it to your day, like brushing your teeth, or drinking more water, the benefits start to reveal themselves in the most unlikely situations.

You start to pause and respond rather than react. It doesn’t make you perfect and you don’t suddenly love every tiny irritation, but it does help you practice a friendly curiosity towards your own mind. You become the witness to your thoughts, without getting caught up in them. Like Alice looking through the looking glass, you begin to observe from the outside in. I’ve popped a link to watch my favourite meditation teacher Jack Kornfield talk about yoga for beginners below. All my classes encompass meditation too.

Although Mother Nature has declared the end of Autumn to be the most ample time for self inquiry, letting go, and slowing down, humanity has decided to do the opposite, and while I understand it isn’t realistic to totally go against the cravings of society during this time of year, I am here to help hold space for us all to EMBRACE this season with peace and joy because at the end of the day, we CHOOSE how we experience every single thing on this earth. Can we keep it simple but beautiful. As prices increase everywhere can we be more conscious of what we really need to have a beautiful time with loved ones. The best things in life cannot be brought - they must be felt with the heart.

This Sunday 20th I’ll be at a holistic day at a beautiful newly opened Gresham hotel on the corner of Torwood Street specialising in holistics. There will be local artisans, workshops, FREE food and drink. It has a Art Deco feel and the most beautiful bar area that reminds me of Burgh Island Hotel - it’s well worth a visit to see what is offered locally in the area. Ill be selling my kimonos, giving free mini treatments and sharing a workshop - would be so lovely to see you from 11.30 am - 4 pm.

I also wanted to let you know I’m holding my favourite workshop to begin the New Year with intention on Sunday 8th of January. It’s a wonderful way to start the year with intention. For decades, we have taken the time at New Year to reflect on where we are in our life’s journey and to refresh our purpose and intention for the year ahead. This process has gone on evolving and has produced excellent results in all areas of our lives.

As we begin a New Year together, we will give our attention and focus to these important questions:

* Is your life on track? *

* Who are you and what really matters to you? *

* What do you need to acknowledge, celebrate, grieve and let go of from the past year? *

* What do you dream for the year ahead? *

The years fly by and other begins - so its a wonderful ritutal to reflect on the past year and plan the next one. It helps us uncover our patterns and design a great year for yourself.

We will start with nourishing yoga and then use a carefully crafted booklet - the first half will help you review, learn from and celebrate the year you are leaving behind. The second half, on the otherhand is all about your future. You’ll be dreaming, planning, and preparing to ge the most out of the coming year.

You can book directly on my website - there is a little bit of homework to do before the workshop so make sure you give yourself an hour to sit with your diary. Once booked an email will be sent out.


So I leave you with what has inspired me this month


The most beautiful poet- you know how’s much I love poetry - my absolute favourite John O’Donughue. This is his musings on life and it is just beautiful.



Here is a link to the incredible meditation teacher Jack Kornfield. This is a short video to welcome beginners to a meditation practice.

This is a brilliant four-minute animated cartoon of a rodent’s seach for happiness.



I came across this poem this week which touched my heart. I hope you enjoy it. Check out the website too - it’s stunning. You can also subscribe to a daily inspirational


I’m always here for you and - it’s always lovely to hear from you. Here’s to a wonderful November…

Go well x

Love always

Nina x

Breathe, love, laugh, be kind + be grateful

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